As stored data continues to grow at an exponential rate, managing and storing it securely becomes more and more difficult.  As a business you have the responsibility to protect your customers data; and know with any data breaches there is the risk of permanent damage to your business’s reputation.

With the recent influx of data security attacks, customers are more educated and aware of how imperative data security really is.  And, having poor security protocols and a lack of cyber hygiene can lead to them looking for an alternative.  They must know they are dealing with a company that they can trust with their data.

With our governments becoming more proactive with how they regulate data storage, now is the time to get ahead of the curve and ensure your security for the future.

Since its inception, Datasync has lived and breathed all things data, and can help in guiding your business down the path to secure and safe data.

Datasync has worked closely with multiple clients on different data security projects. From skills in database encryption to database monitoring with IBM Guardium, Datasync has had experience with multiple technologies and can provide short-term services like installation or long-term services like monitoring, updating and implementation depending on your security needs.

We offer services based around the following technologies:

  • Database encryption and key management
  • IBM SKLM key manager
  • IBM Guardium (Installation, monitoring and updating)
  • IBM QRradar (Installation, monitoring and updating)
  • IBM Optim (Installation, monitoring and updating)
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