IX13: Informix Structured Query Language

Code: IX13
Duration: 3 days


In this course, students will learn to write queries using ANSI standard Structured Query Language (SQL) with IBM Informix extensions. Students will start with simple queries to select rows from a single table, then advance to more complex queries that involve subqueries or multitable joins. Students will learn how to use functions and expressions in SQL statements and how to format the query results. In addition, students will learn how to perform insert, update, and delete operations, and how to select rows that contain large object and other non-standard data types.


  • Describe the basic structure of an SQL SELECT statement.
  • Explain the relationship of tables in the Informix demo database.
  • Select rows from a single table.
  • Use various SELECT statement clauses.
  • Obtain query results using aggregate functions.
  • Use built-in functions in the SELECT list and ORDER BY clause.
  • Write queries that use simple and complex joins between tables.
  • Write queries that use subqueries and temporary tables.
  • Perform insert, update, and delete operations in a query.
  • Describe locking granularity and control isolation levels in a query.
  • Control the format of query input and output using functions and operators.
  • Write queries that involve large objects and complex data types.
  • Use SET EXPLAIN to determine how a query is optimized.


Application developers, database and systems administrators


Relational Database Design or equivalent knowledge


Classroom and hands on lab exercises.

This course is offered as web-based training. Please contact us for more information.

Course available by request – please contact us for further details.