IX30: Informix 11.7 New Features

Code: IX30
Duration: 2 days


This course describes the new features available in Informix V11.7. It covers the features related to system administration, database administration, replication, embedability, and security.


  • Install Informix 11.7 using the GUI, console, or silent option
  • Perform defragment operations on table fragments
  • Use new event alarms and options
  • Submit new types of tasks to the database scheduler
  • Enable implicit PDQ for an SQL session
  • Perform system backups to Amazon Simple Storage Service
  • Enable the automatic registration of DataBlades
  • Create and use a Forest of Trees index
  • Describe situations in which a multi-index scan can be used for maximum benefit
  • Design queries that can use star or snowflake joins
  • Fragment tables based on a list of values or on a time interval
  • Explain the benefits of storing statistics at the fragment level
  • Enable DDL statements to run on a high-availability secondary server
  • Explain how to repair timestamps on participating ER servers when a participant is checked or synchronized
  • Describe the options available when a logical log lag situation occurs
  • Manage all participating ER servers from a single server
  • Create and alter tables with shadow columns that can be used in place of Primary Keys
  • Explain the purpose of the transaction survival feature
  • Explain the purpose of a rolling upgrade
  • Use embedability tools to create and deploy snapshots of Informix servers
  • Use storage pools to enable Informix to automatically expand storage space when needed
  • Preload user-defined C routines
  • Use the SPL Debugger to debug SQL statements and SPL routines
  • Initiate row-level auditing on tables in a database
  • Map remote Informix users to local OS user IDs
  • Enable the reuse of a connection to the Informix server as a different user


This course is designed for Informix System Administrators, Database Administrators, and Application Developers.


  • Attendance at the following IBM courses:
    • Informix System Administration (IX81)
    • Informix Database Administration:Managing and Optimizing Data (IX22)
    • Informix Replication (IX42)
  • DBA or Systems Administration experience on an Informix system can substitute for classroom training


Classroom and hands on lab exercises.

This course is offered as web-based training. Please contact us for more information.

Course available by request – please contact us for further details.