CV91: DB2 9 for z/OS Advanced System & Disaster Recovery Workshop

Code: CV91
Duration: 4 days


The course is designed to provide instruction in the design and implementation of recovery and restart procedures for DB2 which maximize availability.


  • Implement and describe disaster recovery concepts based on archive logs and image copies
  • Judge on the variety of available Conditional Restart options
  • Describe a DB2 cold start and identify the few situations in which it is a suitable solution in case of restart failures
  • Pick the correct ZPARM settings depending on which restart behavior is desirable for each DB2 subsystem
  • Implement and make use of BACKUP and RESTORE system utilities
  • Explain why levelid checking is a very important means for DB2 to maintain data consistency
  • Develop procedures for diagnosing and recovering broken data, including catalog and directory data
  • Deal with LPL restricted page sets
  • Take the right steps to Copy and Recover the DB2 catalog and directory


This course is for anyone resonsilble for DB2 system or database recovery.


You should have attended the following courses:

  • DB2 9 for z/OS Database Administration Workshop: Part 1 (CV83),
  • DB2 9 for z/OS System Administration (CV85), and
  • DB2 9 for z/OS Application Recovery (CV89) or must have attained a similar level of experience.


Classroom and hands on lab exercises.

Course available by request – please contact us for further details.