CL13: Query and Manage XML Data with DB2 9

Code: CL13
Duration: 5 days


This course is designed to introduce you to non-traditional ways of using DB2 to work with native XML data. It is also designed to enable database administrators to manage the DB2 – native XML environment.

You query XML data stored in DB2 tables and create XML documents from traditional DB2 data. You access XML documents as though the documents were relational tables. This content is addressed in the first two days of class and can be taken by users or other personnel who only need to access XML data stored in DB2 tables.

In the last two days of class, you store native XML data in DB2 and create XML indexes. You analyze plan information for queries and take steps for improving query execution. The course also teaches how to manage the XML schemas and the techniques available for decomposing the XML documents.


Upon successful completion of this course, the students will be able to:

  • List the primary features of XML documents, XML namespaces, and XML schemas
  • Use XQuery to retrieve documents from an XML column
  • Use SQL/XML retrieval, publishing, and shredding functions
  • Develop simple stored procedures and user-defined functions that handle XML documents
  • Query XML documents using advanced query techniques
  • Use Optim Development Studio to perform both XQuery and SQL queries using SQL/XML
  • Establish the environment to store native XML data in DB2
  • Create XML indexes for efficient retrieval of XML data
  • Work with compression for XML data and XML indexes
  • Analyze query executions and what you can do to improve the query performance
  • Validate and register XML schemas using commands
  • Annotate XML schemas and decompose XML documents using commands
  • Use Optim Development Studio to annotate XML schemas for decomposition, and register XML schemas for validation, decomposition, or both


Users, database administrators or anyone interested in learning how to retrieve or handle native XML data in DB2.


You should have a working knowledge of SQL and DB2 concepts.

It would be helpful to have an introductory knowledge of XML, XML-related concepts – but the course is designed not to assume any prior knowledge of XML and related matters.


Classroom and hands on lab exercises.

This course is also offered as web-based training. Please contact us for more information.

Course available by request – please contact us for further details.