We understand that our clients need training with flexible course delivery methods built in, courses led by industry and subject matter experts that are frequently scheduled and guaranteed to run. Our solution is MentorMe: Expert Led Mentored Training – Classroom Training in partnership with LearnQuest.

The MentorMe program provides increased learning flexibility by offering students self-directed training both in the classroom and virtually, with the hands-on support of a Subject Matter Expert (SME).

Why Choose MentorMe?

  • Do you find that self-directed learning works well, but you need a little help from an expert now and then?
  • Do you like self-directed learning but would like the ability to network with other students?
  • Has your training ever been cancelled because of low enrolment?
  • Do you have questions but find it difficult to ask them in a standard classroom environment?
  • Do you want the option to continue your training after class has finished?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, MentorMe is a unique training environment for students just like you.

What happens when you Register for a MentorMe class?

When you enrol in your chosen classroom course, you will notice that several similar courses are scheduled to run at the same time.

When you arrive at the venue, you will be welcomed by the attending SME, with professional experience and mastery in the technology for your course.

The other students that arrive may be registered in different classes or receive different materials, but you all will be in the same classroom. These students are now also a rich network of peers and colleagues for you to share your learning experience with, as they are working through training in similar technologies.

The SME will introduce the MentorMe approach, and you have the opportunity at this point to discuss your learning objectives. The mentoring can encompass the following:

  • A personal introduction to each topic
  • Assistance with the labs
  • Support and answers to content-related questions
  • Suggestions to help with your everyday use of the product

You will be given:

  • Access to your self-directed training course. This enables you to complete your training with the support of the SME and includes 30 days of lab access
  • Hard copies of the training materials
  • Your personal workstation and lunch vouchers

Which courses are scheduled for MentorMe? Contact us for more information.