KM632: IBM InfoSphere FastTrack Essentials V9.1

Code: KM632
Duration: 1 day


This course is designed to teach IBM InfoSphere Fasttrack fundamentals both in concepts and hands on. The course is updated to Information Server V9.1. This course enables you to acquire the skills necessary to create mapping specifications in FastTrack and generate DataStage jobs from them.


  • Describe what FastTrack is used for
  • Describe FastTrack features
  • Log onto and navigate around FastTrack
  • Import metadata to use in FastTrack mapping specifications
  • Create mapping specifications
  • Import and export mapping specifications
  • Create joins, filters, aggregations, and switches in mapping specifications
  • Generate DataStage jobs from mapping specifications
  • Generate mapping specifications from DataStage jobs
  • Use istool to import and export FastTrack metadata assets


  • Unit 1 – Introduction to FastTrack
  • Unit 2 – Working in FastTrack
  • Unit 3 – Building a Simple Mapping Specification
  • Unit 4 – Complex Mapping Specifications
  • Unit 5 – Data Rules and Mapping Compositions
  • Unit 6 – Business Terms, Imports and Reports
  • Unit 7 – Generating Mapping Specifications from DataStage jobs
  • Unit 8 – Importing and Exporting FastTrack and DataStage Metadata Assets using istool


This basic course is designed to teach IBM InfoSphere Fasttrack fundamentals to Business Analysts and DataStage Developers.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Classroom and hands on lab exercises.

This course is also offered as web-based training. Please contact us for more information.

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