DW82: Advanced DW: Multi-Dimensional Modelling

Code: DW82
Duration: 4 days


This is an advanced workshop covering the subject of multi-dimensional modelling (MDDM), consisting of two parts. Part 1 presents all of the basic MDDM concepts, terminology, and techniques, including guidelines, heuristics and metrics where appropriate. Part 2 of the workshop further extends the coverage of MDDM modelling, by investigating a well-chosen set of advanced modelling techniques, which are representative of situations where the models have to be built for large (corporate) data warehouses or broad-scope data marts.

The workshop is a highly interactive modelling session. In the first part, a case study is used to apply the techniques. The second part of the workshop consists of individually developed case study investigations of advanced MDDM modelling techniques. The workshop is designed so that it can be used in a standard classroom setting as well as in the context of given data mart development projects (mentored data warehouse development projects).


  • Apply MDDM basic principles to defined business requirements
  • Produce dimensional models (Star and Snowflake models) for non-trivial data warehouse modelling projects
  • Position MDDM with respect to ER modelling and to Temporal ER modelling in particular.
  • Fully participate in mentored data warehouse enablement projects of nontrivial scope, in the role of database modeller


  • Data modellers and database designers, specialising in data warehouse and DataMart enablement
  • Business intelligence experts
  • Database and data warehouse administrators
  • Data architects
  • Data warehouse environment architects
  • Project managers and IT professionals, with a technical interest in multi-dimensional data modeling for a data warehouse or DataMart environment


  • Have knowledge of the basics of data warehouse enablement and of OLAP information analysis in particular
  • Be familiar with data modelling for “traditional” (OLTP) database applications
  • Be familiar with relational database development and with relational database management systems in general


Classroom and case study exercises.

Course available by request – please contact us for further details.