IBM Optim for Rapid Data Growth

IBM Optim is a database tooling solution that helps organisations deal efficiently with rapid enterprise data growth, the need for fast and efficient application deployment, and compliance data privacy and legal requirements.

Datasync Consulting and IBM Optim Solutions

Datasync understands the issues related to large databases: delays in application development and release dates, response time degradation, data loss and confidential data exposure are some of the major problems faced by organisations. Datasync has in its team some of the most experienced database and information lifecycle consultants to assist you in addressing these issues using market best practices and IBM Optim products. Datasync offers:

  • Solution and architecture design
  • Optim and database implementations
  • Proof-of-Concepts
  • Education
  • Software licensing
  • Support and Managed Services

Optim Solutions

IBM Optim offers you the ability to manage your data for its lifecycle:

  • Optim Data Growth Solution
  • Optim Test Data Management Solution
  • Optim Data Privacy Solution

Optim Data Growth Solution (Data Archiving)

Enterprise applications and databases contain the most valuable part of your business: the data. Every year, databases grow in size resulting in database management complexity, increase of maintenance and hardware costs and difficulty in meeting service level agreements. Optim Data Growth addresses those issues through:

  • Data archiving capabilities
  • Boosting system performance by reducing the size of production databases
  • Controlling hardware (server and storage) costs
  • Keeping the database a manageable size to simplify maintenance and reduce costs
  • Retaining historical data for compliance purposes
  • Speeding up backups, data migration, upgrades and disaster recovery

Optim Test Data Management Solution

The quick deployment of new applications is critical for the business. Therefore, efficient and effective application testing is crucial. Optim Test Data Management offers an entire solution for test data management that will:

  • Produce the correct amount of data for testing
  • Protect your data from the vulnerability of development, test and validation phases of your project
  • Produce test data that will meet your test requirements
  • Eliminate database copy
  • Help you to correct application defects along the development process
  • Reduce development time and costs

Optim Data Privacy Solution

Current laws enforce businesses to safeguard the privacy of customer data. To address this critical issue, Optim Data Privacy Solution offers:

  • Data mask techniques for data testing
  • Integration of business rules across applications
  • Advanced transformation algorithms that comply with privacy polices
  • These features will help you to address compliance requirements and maintain customer confidence

Other Solutions

  • Application upgrades, migration and retirement
  • Business Continuity
  • Integrated Data Management
  • Table edition

Enterprise Applications

IBM Optim is specially designed to work together with:

  • Amdocs CRM
  • Custom and Packaged Applications
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • PeopleSoft Enterprise
  • SAP Applications
  • Siebel Applications

To find out more about Optim Solutions, Contact Datasync