IBM Informix

IBM Informix is an exceptional relational database that offers outstanding performance, reliability, scalability and manageability for businesses of all sizes. Continuously available, easily embeddable OLTP database software, Informix reduces costs and increases productivity by providing near-zero administration for small to highly-distributed environments regardless of platform. With data volumes increasing and IT budgets under pressure, it is critical that your database is a powerful engine that can drive your business.

IBM Informix 14.10

Provides a powerful, reliable, and low-cost data platform for mission-critical business environments.


  • Enhances performance of secondary backups and OLTP transactions.
  • Provides higher security for encryption keys and Transport Layer Security (TLS).
  • Enhances usability, streamlines administration, and increases uptime.
  • Provides new graphical administration tool called InformixHQ.
  • Enhances Unicode support to current V11 specifications.
  • Enhances time series granularity and spatial projection systems.
  • Update’s platform support to current 64-bit OS levels.
  • Increases hardware limits at the Workgroup Edition level.
  • Includes storage optimization at the Enterprise Edition level.
  • Featuring shard technology to assist large databases be more manageable.

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IBM Informix 14.10 Editions

  • Informix Developer Edition (free) – Includes all features for individual development and testing.
  • Informix Innovator-C Edition (free) – Enables businesses to use the most common database functionality in a production environment.
  • Informix Express Edition – Best suited for in-house or independent application developers or other third-party developers looking to embed a database engine within the application itself to support the applications functionality.  Available on all supported platforms.
  • Informix Workgroup Edition – Perfect for midsize companies or departmental servers in an enterprise deployment.  Available on all supported platforms.
  • Informix Enterprise Edition – With the exception of IWA, this edition includes all Informix features on all supported platforms for development and deployment with unlimited scalability.  Storage compression is available as an optional feature.
  • Informix Advanced Enterprise Edition – Includes all Informix features on all supported platforms, plus the Informix Warehouse Accelerator (IWA) for development and deployment with near-limitless scalability.
  • Informix Advanced Developer Edition – Includes all IBM Informix features and functionality of IBM Informix Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise editions with unlimited scalability.  Available on all supported platforms, this edition is licensed by Authorized User only and is intended for pre-production development and testing only.

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End of Support for Informix Dynamic Server

With end of support for previous versions of Informix, Datasync can help in the migration process planning:

 Informix Dynamic Server 11.70  30th September 2020

Experienced Datasync Consultants can provide assistance with:

  • Informix upgrades and migrations.
  • Informix software licence renewals.
  • Implementation of Informix High Availability Solutions.
  • Implementation of Informix Disaster Recovery Solutions.
  • Implementation of new Informix installations including Database architecture and capacity planning.
  • Evaluation and Performance of Health checks for existing Informix systems.
  • Informix 4GL migration to Four Js’ Genero.

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