IBM Db2 v11.5

Db2 Version 11.5 offers database efficiency, simplicity, and reliability in the form of new features and enhancements that address a variety of business requirements.
Comprehensive enterprise security, simplified installation and deployment, improved usability and adoption, a streamlined upgrade process, enhancements to large databases, and vast improvements to BLU Acceleration are the key benefits of this technology;

  • Db2 pureScale® support for host-based firewalls, cluster wide free space management and faster LOAD utility for range-partitioned tables
  • Support for storage devices using 4K sector size
  • Columnar insert, update, and delete operations performance
  • Automatic recompression for columnar table
  • Large objects in columnar tables
  • Automatic collection of column group statistics
  • External tables

The Db2 V11.5 release includes the following enhancements and new capabilities for the CLI driver:

  • Data movement using CLI LOAD with an external table
  • db2dsdriver.cfg support in Microsoft™ ODBC Administrator
  • Enhanced workload balancing/automatic client reroute algorithm including server-side enablement

Enhancements to the IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform include:

  • Application compatibility
  • Standardized API
  • Flexible licensing
  • Operational compatibility with the Db2 Common SQL Engine family (now part of the same Common SQL Engine capabilities)

IBM Db2 Advanced Recovery Feature 11.5 is available for advanced database backup, recovery, and data extraction with new versions of:

  • IBM Db2 Recovery Expert 5.5
  • IBM Db2 Merge Backup 3.5
  • IBM InfoSphere® Optim™ High Performance Unload for Db2 6.5

Db2 11.5 for Linux®, UNIX®, and Windows™ brings a simplified set of three editions with one charge metric.

The three editions are:

  • Db2 Community Edition
  • Db2 Standard Edition
  • Db2 Advanced Edition

All three editions have the full feature capabilities of the Db2, making it easier to choose the right edition with the capabilities and tools that are required to meet your organization’s data management needs. Moreover, switching between editions is easier than ever, with the capability to purchase and exchange the license file without any additional installation.

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Datasync Consulting and Db2

Datasync has been working with Db2 for 20 years and our experienced consultants know Db2 better than anyone. From simple product installation to complex performance and tuning adjustments, our team is able to help you extract the maximum value from your Db2 software.

Datasync can offer:

  • Db2 installations, upgrades and migrations
  • Solution architecture, database design and capacity planning
  • Implementation of High availability solutions including:
    • Db2 HADR – High Availability and Disaster Recovery
    • Log Shipping
    • Table Replication
    • pureScale Continuous Availability
  • Db2 Health Checks for a healthy system
  • Performance and Tuning
  • Software Licensing: new licences and renewals

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Db2 Support

With the announcement of the end of support dates, Datasync can help you in planning and executing a database upgrade.

Db2 v11.1 End of Support Date: 30 April 2022

Db2 v10.5 End of Support Date: 30 April 2020

Db2 v10.1 End of Support Date: 30 September 2020

Db2 v9.8 End of Support Date: 30 April 2019

Why should I upgrade?

  • Access to IBM Support for software defects and new releases
  • Recent Db2 versions offer a variety of new features, improving data management, system performance and high availability

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IBM Db2 Editions

Which Db2 edition is appropriate to my business needs?

IBM Db2 offers a comprehensive option of editions to cater for small shops through to large organisations. Some features are not available in all editions, although the Db2 core database, functionalities, standards and interfaces are the same across editions as well as operating systems.

Datasync fully understands each Db2 edition, its features and how to correctly licence the software in order to offer you the most cost-effective solution.

Some editions have enforced hardware limitations (i.e.: maximum hardware processor capacity or maximum number of PVUs – Processor Value Units)

There are the following Db2 editions:

  • Db2 Community Edition
  • Db2 Standard Edition
  • Db2 Advanced Edition
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