Data Security and Privacy

Data Security

Data security is the process of protecting data against unauthorised or unwanted use. To do this, deploying the right security products and bringing together the right technology and people is essential. Companies’ stored data is growing at an exponential rate and governments around the world are becoming more aware of the need for data protection and introducing tougher regulations that need to be met, like Europe’s GDPR. Consumer pressure is also growing, with many consumers preferring products from companies they can trust with their data. There is no quick fix for data security, but it is important to begin that journey.

Datasync can guide you down this path and ensure that you are taking the right steps in protecting both your customer’s and your company’s data.


IBM Security Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager centralises, simplifies and automates the encryption key management process. GKLM helps in reducing risks in key management, through its secure key storage and serving of keys at the time of use. It also offers secure integration between data-at-rest storage systems with the industry standard KMIP protocol. It helps in reducing key management costs by automating the assignment and rotation of keys. IBM’s GKLM is an industry leader in its field and great key manager option. IBM GKLM enables you to:

  • Multi-master clustering for flexibility and ease of use
  • Provide more efficient and simplified key management
  • Deliver simple secure integration with IBM storage systems
  • Reduce overall key management costs
  • Provide certified communications
  • Increase speed of implementation and enable interoperability
Datasync Consulting and IBM GKLM

Datasync employees have been working with IBM products for over 20 years. From getting the right package to the installation of GKLM, Datasync is capable of helping you achieve maximum results. We can offer:

  • Assistance in purchase of GKLM
  • Description and support in use of IBM GKLM for your system
  • Installation of IBM GKLM
  • Assistance in operation of GKLM

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IBM Guardium 

IBM Guardium is the ultimate tool for protection from external and internal threats. Guardium is an industry leader in database protection and the right tool to monitor and control access to sensitive data. With real-time controls and pre-built reports, Guardium enables the user to view and to control their data as they see fit and act upon it whenever they please.

The Guardium appliance prevents leaks from databases, data warehouses and Big Data environments, ensuring the integrity of information and automates compliance controls. It protects structured and unstructured data against threats and ensures compliance. The Guardium system can assist you to:

  • Automatically locate databases and discover and classify information within them
  • Automatically assess database vulnerabilities and configuration flaws
  • Ensure that configurations are locked down after recommended changes are implemented
  • Enable high visibility at a granular level into database transactions that involve sensitive data
  • Track activities of end users who access data indirectly through enterprise applications
  • Monitor and enforce a wide range of policies, including sensitive data access, database change control, and privileged user actions
  • Create a single, secure centralised audit repository for large numbers of heterogeneous systems and databases
  • Automate the entire compliance auditing process, including creating and distributing reports as well as capturing comments and signatures
Datasync Consulting and Guardium

Datasync employees have been working and assisting business’s with Guardium operations for the past 5 years. The service provided by Datasync starts at the very beginning with assistance on the purchase and installation of the Guardium system. We can then move on to assistance with implementation of Guardium rules and reports and day to day operations of Guardium. This includes:

  • Assistance in ensuring cost-effective purchase of Guardium license
  • Installation of Guardium system
  • Testing and calibrating Guardium data recording
  • Assistance in creating reports and rules for Guardium system
  • Keeping Guardium system up to date with latest patches and updates
  • Assistance with Guardium data backup and purging
  • Assistance with license renewal

For assistance with Guardium, contact Datasync 


IBM QRadar collects data from various sources on the networks and aggregates the collected data. It then proceeds to analyse the data to discover irregularities and possible threats. Once found, QRadar pin points the source of breach and enables organisations to investigate with timely alerts. Key features of IBM QRadar include:

  • Ingests vast amounts of data from on-premise and cloud sources
  • Applies built-in analytics to accurately detect threats
  • Correlates related activities to help determine incidents
  • Automatically parse logs
  • Can be deployed on-premise or on cloud
  • Highly scalable, self-tuning and self-managing database
Datasync Consulting and QRadar

Datasync can be your accomplice in your venture into the world of data security. With years of experience in and around all things data, Datasync live and breathe database management. There is no one better to trust in installation of the QRadar system for the safe keeping of your data. Datasync can:

  • Assist with purchase of QRadar to ensure best value
  • Install your QRadar product
  • Help you get Qradar up and running
  • Assist in the management of QRadar and keep it updated

For assistance with QRadar, contact Datasync