IBM have recently and quietly expanded the Community Editions of DB2. It now includes two Non-Production licences with no charge. If you’re new to DB2, these could of great help, or if you would like to use non-warranted versions within your organisation’s development space, they could greatly assist and help reduce costs.

Interestingly the two packages include:
1) A Docker based container version, allowing you to quickly plug it into a cloud based environment
2) Installable code to build a traditional system

The rules around the licences are fairly simple (do read the T&C yourself). They are for non-production/internal development only. The installable version is restricted to 4 cores, 16gb instance memory and 100gb database limit.

The product names are:
1) IBM DB2 Developer Community Edition V1.1.0 – Non-production (Community)
2) IBM DB2 Developer-C for Non-Production (Community)
Download the code here.

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