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Taking your Db2 on Cloud to the next level with DSmonDB

IBM Db2 on Cloud is a high performance, managed, database in the cloud solution. As a managed service, IBM provides the platform it runs on, the database technology and a set of management services. For the end user, Db2 on Cloud is a database that you connect to. IBM focuses on the database engine, allowing you to focus on the database, its design and the data.

DSmonDB is a cloud based monitoring service which connects to your Db2 on Cloud and constantly checks the health of the database, its objects and schema. It contains hundreds of rules developed by Datasync Consulting over the large number of projects and systems we have developed and managed. By connecting DSmonDB to your Db2 on Cloud we continuously analyse your database and alert you if there are any issues with the database. The issues could range from the database being unresponsive, to an invalid view through to best practice checks on good naming standards.




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