Data Management Services

Do you need a reliable database managed by an experienced team?

Datasync Consulting’s Data Management Services help organisations to maximise their database performance and availability whilst minimising costs and overheads. Our highly skilled team provides deployment, monitoring, documentation, best practices and incident support for database systems. Our proactive approach uses established database management routines to avoid unwanted issues and allow organisations to focus on their core business activities. 

Our team can help save you time and money by assisting with:

  • System Outages
  • Problem Determination
  • Vacation Coverage
  • System Maintenance
  • Short and/or Long Term Planning
  • Upgrades or Migrations
  • Passive System Monitoring
  • Active System Monitoring
  • Health Checks and Capacity Planning
  • Disaster Recoveries
Datasync’s team of highly experienced and certified database consultants are well trained in all levels and functions of database management and optimisation. Our team is led by world expert consultants who constantly review and refine our DBA practices. This allows us to offer our customers support agreements on all versions of DB2, Informix, Sybase, MySQL and SQL Server, across all workloads with the confidence that your database will be kept in optimum running condition.

Our managed service can be customised to suit your needs with the following options available:

  • On call support during business hours
  • On call support 24/7
  • Annual Health Check Report
  • Semi-Annual Health Check Report
  • Proactive approach to resolving system issues
  • 5 remote service hours per month
  • 10 remote service hours per month
  • Analysis and monitoring of systems, daily
  • Analysis and monitoring of systems, hourly
  • Advanced Rules based System Monitoring
  • Maintenance Window Service
  • Active DBA Service
  • Customised Support Plan
  • Review of Current Environment
  • Review of Current Software Licenses
  • Review of Backup and Recovery
  • Monthly Service Status Report
Datasync uses a proprietary database rules engine to regularly check all databases. This engine literally runs 1000’s of rules through your system on a regular basis looking for potential issues. The engine is being constantly upgraded to adapt to new versions or patch levels of the database and captures our 20 years of experience on how to ensure the smooth running of a database

To find out how our Data Management Services would work for your organisation contact: