Performance Tuning

Datasync Consulting has a team of expert consultants that specialise in making databases and applications run faster.  Datasync’s Performance Tuning service focuses on establishing the issues currently faced by a business and utilises a value based remediation of the system.  We have the depth of experience and knowledge to look at all aspects of your environment and increase the throughput of your database server. Using our experienced consultants, we can provide Performance Tuning services for:

Our Approach

Our approach to performance tuning is methodical, practical and customer focused. From experience, we have learnt that performance tuning is about delivering value based outcomes to business people. Our tuning approach focuses on gaining a holistic understanding of the performance issue and desired performance outcome. With this understood and linked to the agreed business outcome, our consultants will set about verifying and analysing the cause of the performance issue whilst keeping all parties informed. Drawing upon their own knowledge and that of the whole practice, our consultants then build options for the business owners to consider and, where appropriate, establish work-around solutions to ensure performance is restored in the short term while longer term solutions can be enabled.

Performance Tuning from Experience

Performance Tuning issues stem from a diverse set of causes and can be the result of very complex, or sometimes very simple issues. The large pool of experience gained from tuning many systems becomes invaluable in this type of work. Our consultants bring the lessons learnt from many other projects and this experience allows us to provide a solution faster and in a more controlled manner. We have significant expertise in the major database implementations including Db2 and Informix covering:

  • AIX, SUN, HP and Intel Linux and Windows based systems with small through to large memory foot prints
  • Tuning bespoke and packaged solutions
  • Optimising performance for various workloads from online screen times, batch processing, search screens, ETL processing and reporting
  • Coding for performance with a large variety of interfaces and languages – ODBC, JDBC, Perl,  Python, PHP, Java, .Net, C++ and many others