Informix Performance Tuning

Datasync Consulting is the leading Informix consultancy company in Australia. We have assembled an expert Informix Performance Tuning team to assist clients to maximise the business value they derive from IBM Informix databases. Our consultants have worked on a large variety of Informix technology including ER (Enterprise Replication), HDR (High Availability Replication), SDS (Shared Disk Secondary), RSS (Remote Standalone Secondary), Informix 4GL, Genero and Informix Warehouse Accelerator.

Datasync’s Informix Performance Tuning service focuses on establishing the issues currently faced by a business and utilises a business value based remediation of the system. We know that tuning must return value to a business, for example, it may allow a capital based hardware upgrade to be deferred by 12 months. As such, we offer highly skilled consultants to work through the problems and solutions with our clients, to build and implement a roadmap to performance levels that matter to their business.

Our Approach

Our tuning approach focuses on gaining a holistic understanding of the Informix performance tuning issue and desired performance outcome. With this understood and linked to the agreed business outcome, our highly experienced consultants will then work to verify and analyse the cause of the performance issue whilst keeping all parties informed. Drawing upon their own knowledge and that of the whole practice, our consultants will build options for the business owners to consider and, where appropriate, establish work-around solutions to ensure performance is restored in the short term while longer term solutions can be enabled.

Informix SQL Performance Tuning

For many customers the immediate issue is the performance of SQL statements running within their application. Working with the application developers, Datasync’s Informix performance tuning team are able to assist in identifying poor-performing SQL and developing queries and practices to improve the responsiveness of the application. In many situations this involves using our understanding of modern programming techniques (including Genero) to look for holistic answers that exploit the database and application technology.

Informix Performance Tuning Tools

Some customers are looking for Informix Performance Tuning Tools to assist their staff with the often daunting job of tuning a database. Datasync has gained extensive experience on many of the Informix Tools available within the market place. We work with our client’s staff to define their requirements, move through to product selection and establish best practice for performance analysis and tuning around the Tool.

Informix Performance Tuning Results

At Datasync we have completed a large number of Informix Performance Tuning engagements which have greatly improved the value gained from our clients’ systems. In some instances we also helped our clients understand the cause of performance issues and provided guidance on where best to invest. For other clients it has simply been helping them to understand if an issue is not Informix. Some of the results are:

  • Reduce overnight batch to 100% meet Business SLAs
  • Reduce Backup and Recovery times to allow larger overnight batch windows
  • Reduce screen response times to significantly decrease external customer complaint rates
  • Reduce processing times to ensure contract compliance
  • Reduce CPU usage to a level that allows a reduction in licencing costs

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