IBM has recently announced a new software technology called IBM DB2 pureScale which aims to address the need for high availability, high scalability and high transaction volume.

DB2 pureScale is a cluster based and shared-disk architecture providing both vertical and horizontal scalability. It also offers continuous availability through the use of IBM PowerHA technology, allowing systems to recover from node failures immediately.

Large volumes of OLTP transactions can be performed faster without requiring changes in the application.

PureScale will initially be available on Power systems in December 2009.

More High-Availability options for DB2

IBM DB2 pureScale joins other high availability options for DB2. Now, customers can better address their needs for data availability by choosing the following options:

  • IBM DB2 pureScale
  • xkoto GRIDSCALE
  • DB2 HADR
  • Log-shipping

For more information about IBM DB2 pureScale or HA Options please contact Datasync.

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