“Datasync Consulting did an excellent job of getting us up to speed.”

Mark Minard, Technology Services Manager, Cerebos Australia

Cerebos Australia is the owner of some of Australia and New Zealand’s best-known gravy, sauce, stock and coffee brands, including Saxa, Gravox and Fountain.

As their business grew, Cerebos Australia’s business-critical financial reporting processes were showing signs of stress, and achieving acceptable performance required hours of manual tuning.

By working with Datasync Consulting to upgrade its core database platform and implement BLU Acceleration technology, Cerebos has lifted analytics performance significantly.

The new platform accelerates average reporting times by a factor of five, boosts data loading speeds by 20 percent, and eliminates the need for DBAs to optimize databases manually.

“Unlike many technologies, BLU Acceleration really lives up to the hype. We’re glad that IBM and Datasync Consulting gave us the support we needed to take the first step, and we’re eager to see how far the new platform can take us in the future.” Mark Minard, Technology Services Manager, Cerebos Australia

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