Application Development

Custom application development provides business an alternative to packaged applications, to drive revenue from unique business processes. Datasync Consulting has always worked closely with its customers to understand how technology can be used to increase their revenue base, in many cases this has led to the building of custom applications to support their business and allow them to gain a competitive advantage in the market place.

Within Datasync we have application architects, project managers, business analysts, developers, testers, graphic designers and DBAs who can work with our customers to deliver cutting edge systems. We have implementation experience covering waterfall, incremental and modern agile methods and can blend these to suit the customer’s maturity level with IT development processes.

We have completed projects with start-up companies, assisting them to navigate a rapid growth strategy and funding model for their systems; medium sized businesses looking to consolidate and rework business processes to provide efficiency gains; through to multinational organisations with large and tight timeframes wanting to use custom applications as a disruptive technology in their market place.

We offer services based around these technologies:

  • Custom Application Development
  • Website Development (public and internal web sites)
  • Technologies
    • Informix Genero (4Js)
    • Content Management Systems (Concrete5, WordPress and others)
    • Database Technologies (Stored Procedures, XML)