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Your ready-to-go cloud database

IBM dashDB provides a ready to use database in the cloud. We really like this solution and have found it delivers enormous value to projects and businesses alike, whether it is for transaction processing, analytics or a mixed environment. The best way to start your journey to dashDB is usually a small DIY approach – you can create an IBM Bluemix account and allocate a database in minutes. From there you can connect and start to prove your solution.

For many sites dashDB is a natural migration from DB2 databases, as it shares the same engine and allows sites to take advantage of the Platform-as-a-Service world, and move away from on premise based solutions. For other customers with no history with DB2, dashDB is a terrific starting point for new projects as it gives them an immediate ready to use, high performance, industrial strength database.

Datasync Consulting has been working with DB2, the shared engine within dashDB and native dashDB for many years, and offers services to work with customers to migrate to dashDB, as well services establishing brand new projects. These services are aimed at further accelerating your project delivery timeframes above the gains from being able to allocate a database in minutes.

Datasync Consulting also provides a convenient dashDB monitoring service called DSmonDB.

There are a number of flavours of dashDB and you can find out more details here. These flavours bring about levels of dashDB and impact on the monthly charges you pay. As your system grows it can become important to manage and tune your dashDB system. If you can tune a workload to stay within the 16-core base system rather than need to upgrade to the 32-core tier systems, you can save considerable expenditure. Datasync Consulting has an expert team of dashDB performing tuning consultants with skills with dashDB and the columnar based BLU acceleration. We can review and work to improve the performance of your database to keep your workload within the optimum tier of dashDB.


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